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Hear from Our Clients

We were happy that American Title and Closing were able to help us get out of our timeshare. We had tried several companies that took our hard earned money with a promise to sell our timeshare and it never sold. Dan assisted us in getting us out of our timeshare legally rather than trying to sell it. After 8 months we were 100% out of it. Thank You so much.

-Jason and Melanie

We received our foreclosure letter in the mail from our timeshare right before we met with Dan about getting out of the timeshare. Luckily he was able to help us out of that and save our credit. Thanks again!

-Bill Sweetman

I had several timeshares and none of my sons wanted to inherit them. I was very leery in trusting that American Title and Closing would be able to help me. Dan was so committed to helping me that he met with both of my sons as well. After several months, all four of my timeshares were transferred out of my name. My sons are thrilled because they did not have to deal with the burden when I pass away.


We would recommend American Title and Closing. We had 2 other companies try to get us out of the timeshare by selling it and they were unsuccessful. We were very hesitant in trying to get out of it one more time, but it was explained to us that they do not sell it but rather legally transfer it and we are happy that we did! Thanks so much Dan for your help!

-Grant and Collen

My husband and I were happy that we were able to get out of the timeshare that we bought from the developer based upon lies. We found out very quickly that were were not able to use it as easy as the representative told us that we could. Also, we were unable to rent or sell our timeshare. We thought we were stuck with this mess of high monthly payments for the next 10 years. Menafee was able to assist us with our problem and got us out of the timeshares high fees. Thank you so much!

-Robert and Terri

I just got done going through the long process of getting out of our timeshare. We are so glad that Dan was able to walk us through it. We had our doubts at times but we were happy it was over in 11 months. Thanks so much and we would highly recommend American Title and Closing.

-Steve and Linda

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